Left to right: Chrissy, Gigi, Lena, Tony family photo

Making life easier for families

We're parents, so we know how hectic life can get when you have little ones. That's why our vision is to make life easier.

We developed Gigi Bib because it's the kind of 'all-in-one' solution we wish we'd had when we really needed it.

All our bibs feature our provisionally patented Gigi Clip, which is ergonomically engineered to be super easy for parents and carers to open and close with one hand.

Our bibs are so easy (and quiet) to remove, that taking them off won't disturb  baby when they fall asleep while feeding or during a 'dream feed'. So you can give your little one a smooth, dreamy transfer straight into bed. Because let's face it, more sleep for baby means more rest for the whole family.

Gigi Bibs are also accessorisable. Our unique Accessory Tether is designed to securely attach to the Gigi Clip, making sure baby's dummies, teethers and other accessories stay close at hand and off the floor.

Each one of our products has been thoughtfully designed to make the crazy, messy, totally amazing journey of parenthood a bit easier.

Rare Voices Australia logo

But our vision extends beyond our products. We want to help make life easier for others who may be on a similar journey to our one-in-a-billion girl.

So we're proud to donate 10c from every purchase to Rare Voices Australia - an important national charity that supports the two million Aussies living with a rare disease, just like Gigi.

Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to us. And we hope you love your 'Gigi' as much as we love ours!


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